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Conversion and Early Ministry of Paul by Jay A. Quine

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Overview of the Ministry of Paul

I.  Conversion and Early Ministry

After Paul's dramatic conversion (Acts 9) he is forced to leave Damascus.  He spends three years (studying and preparing for his ministry?) in Arabia (Gal 1:17).  He then returns to Damascus (Acts 9:21-25; 2 Cor 11) and ministers the word.  He travels to Jerusalem to meet some of the elders of the church (Gal 1:16-17) and settles in his home town, Tarsus.  Recognizing the great need in Syrian Antioch for an able teacher such as Paul, Barnabas travels to Tarsus and convinces Paul to return with him to Antioch.  There Paul spends approximately 11 years (derived from the "14 years later" i.e., since his conversion, Gal 2:1) preaching and teaching before returning again to Jerusalem during a time of famine there (Gal 2:1-10; Acts 11).  He returns to his new home in Antioch.

Dr. Jay Quine is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., and Ph.D.), the University of Idaho college of Law (J.D.), and Washington State University (B.S.).

Jay A. Quine has served as a pastor for 16 years in Texas, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Jay Quine has served as the Chair of the Master of Divinity Program, and Dean of the College of Biblical Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University.  Later, Dr. Jay A. Quine  served as a Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Published and honored on multiple levels and in many arenas, Dr. Jay Quine is considered to be a voice of legal authority on issues involving church and para-church Christian institutions.

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